Baking With Kids: Yogurt Cup Cake Recipe


When we were expecting our first born, my wife and I both read Bringing Up Bebé, by Pamela Druckman. It is an American mother’s tale of raising her children while living in France. Aside from all of the lessons about parenthood to be learned within, one of the things that stuck with me most was how autonomous French children are. Most French kids learn how to bake at a very young age and are capable of making full recipes by themselves from start to finish. Usually they start with a simple yogurt cake, made by measuring all of the ingredients with a yogurt container. It is such a forgiving recipe that you can mess it up completely and it will still taste all right. I decided to give this yogurt cake recipe a try this weekend with my four-year-old niece, and it went wonderfully. Here’s the recipe so you can try it with your kids too!

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