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The Ultimate Gluten Free Easter Cookie Recipe

When you have a child with Celiac Disease, the most important time to be sure they feel included in the dessert department is on special occasions.  

While my eleven-year-old son was diagnosed over six years ago, and eating gluten-free is routine for him, it’s still no fun if he’s at a party and there’s no gluten-free dessert option. And I learned early on, it’s not just about having a substitute—it should be an equally cool substitute! For example, if everyone at the party is having cupcakes with an awesome video game figure on top, eating a plain gluten-free brownie is nowhere near as exciting.

This Easter, no gluten-free kid who gets one of these Ultimate Gluten Free Easter Cookies will feel left out. In fact, those eating the other gluten-full desserts will want in on them. Watch out!  

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