Kids’ Favorite Takeout: (Healthy) Copycat McDonald’s Apple Pie Recipe

I am not a big fast food person. However, somehow I always get suckered into trying the sweets off of fast food menus. Maybe it’s because I’m a dessert fanatic with no self-control, or maybe it’s because McDonalds always make them look so darn good. No matter the reason, clearly I know better and would prefer that my kids not consume this stuff on the regular, so I often set out to make my own copycat recipes. Those classic little McDonald’s apple pies are something I’ve always wanted to make at home, and who doesn’t love a handy, filled with sweet, warm apple pie filling? Turns out, making a healthier version is super simple and is something I even give my kids (and myself) for breakfast…not just dessert. Bake up a batch today and let me know what you think!


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