How to Make the Perfect Float

  • Whether you love Coke floats, root beer floats, or some other variation, making the perfect float is all in the technique. Here's how to make the perfect float (and some delicious versions you'll want to try!).

    Perfect Soda Floats

    My tips for the ultimate ice cream floats!

    Prep Time:
    Servings: 4


    • soda: 2 liter bottle or 4 individual bottles, flavor of your choice
    • ice cream: 8 scoops, flavor of your choice


    Step 1: Choose your soda.

    Don't be limited by your favorite memories of Coke, root beer, and cream soda floats. Instead, open up to the possibilities. If you love creamsicles, then try making your soda float with orange soda. Strawberry lover? Crack open a little strawberry soda. The possibilities are endless!

    Step 2: Choose your ice cream.

    Now it's time to match up the ice cream with the soda. Yes, vanilla ice cream works with everything. But using other flavors can add extra dimension to your float. Try chocolate ice cream with root beer or rum raisin with Coke. Or how about some coffee ice cream in some cream soda?

    Step 3: Fill the glass.

    Fill your glass halfway with soda. This is important---it's tempting to add more, but that's always a disaster. Once the ice cream touches the soda, it's going to foam up like crazy.

    Step 4: Drop in the ice cream.

    Two heaping scoops go into the glass. That's all you need for the perfect float.

    Step 5: Enjoy! But did you really need me to tell you that?

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