Creative Birthday Party Cakes

15 Creative Birthday Cakes for Kids

Hidden Rainbow Cake

Slicing into this sneaky cake yields a bright surprise that will impress your guests and delight the kids.

via Momtastic

Hidden Rainbow Cake Recipe

Clown Cake

What birthday is complete without clowns?! Baskin-Robbins’ Clown Cone Party Round Cake will be the life of the birthday party. Added bonus: customize this cake with your favorite ice cream flavor!

via Baskin-Robbins

Clown Cone Cake

Pastel Nautical Cake

Spirits will soar with this gorgeous dessert that adds elegance and decadence to your affair.

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Nautical Cake

Candle Fondant Cake

We’ve finally seen the light! Who needs candles when this beautiful cake has them built right in?

via Cake Central

Candle Fondant Cake

Too Cute Cupcake Cake

A giant cupcake made with creamy ice cream and delicious cake? Yes, please! Baskin-Robbins’ Too Cute Cupcake Cake is an adorable treat for a birthday party or any celebration. It’s almost too cute to eat (but, go ahead and do it anyway!).

via Baskin-Robbins

Cupcake Cke

Princess Cake

A refreshment fit for a royals, this cool cake is the perfect treat for your little princess, and it’s easier to make than you think!

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Princess Cake Recipe

Colorful Candy Third Birthday Cake

This pick takes the cake! What’s better than a chocolate candy-studded confection? Your kid will freak out for this fabulously fun cake.

via Enchanted Mommy

Colorful Candy Cake Recipe

Safari Cake

Get your lion’s share of praise with a cake that will make your guests want to take a walk on the wild side.

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Safari Cake Recipe

Colorful Heart Cake

Show the love with this rainbow heart cake that takes center stage at your kids’ birthday party.

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Colorful Heart Cake

Rainbow Birthday Cake

This colorful concoction is deceptively simple to make, and it brightens up any party with high-def hues.

via Momtastic

Rainbow Cake Recipe

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake

Revive an old favorite with this classic ice cream cake; cookies and cream is made even better when it’s whipped up in your own kitchen!

via Momtastic

Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe

Community Cake

Celebrate all the people you make your life special with this cake that has a little piece for everyone.

via Cassie Green Cakes

Community Cake Recipe

Mini Layer Cake

Everyone at your party get his own cake and can eat it, too! These mini treats pack big flavor.

via Jacks & Kate

Mini Layer Cakes Recipe

Candy Surprise Cake

The perfect way to reveal Baby’s gender with a tasty surprise, this cool cake is overflowing with goodness.

via Betty Crocker

Candy Surprise Cake

Race Car First Birthday Cake

Is your little one in a race to grow up? This adorable first birthday party cake is super cute and your guests will be rushing to enjoy it!

via Momtastic

Race Car First Birthday Cake Recipe

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