15 Easter Cakes

15 Easter Cakes

Baby Chick Easter Cake

An adorable treat, make this cake for a sweet celebration.

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Baby Chick Easter Cake

Tie Dye Easter Bundt Cake

Get psychedelic with this colorful (and easy-to-make) Bundt cake.

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Tie Dye Easter Cake

Daisy Easter Cupcakes

Spring flowers give your Easter celebration a burst of life.

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Daisy Easter Cupcakes

Easter Egg Cake Pops Bouquet

Better than giving flowers, this vibrant bouquet is simple and sweet.

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Easter Egg Cake Pops

Chick Cake with Chick Individual Treat

Celebrate Easter with the new Chick Cake and Individual Chick Treat from Baskin-Robbins in your favorite ice cream flavor.

via Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins Easter Cakes

Easter Layer Cake in a Jar

Individual cups make it easy to dig into this colorful concoction.

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Easter Cake in a Jar

Vegan Easter Cake

Perfect for dairy-intolerant guests, no one will guess this luscious cake is vegan!

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Vegan Easter Cake

Bunny Cake Pops

Individual bunny pop treats make perfect party favors or edible gifts.

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Bunny Cake Pops

Hatching Chick Easter Mini Cake

This baby chick is popping out just in time for your Easter celebration.

via The Cake Blog

Hatching Chick Easter Mini Cake

Easter Pastel Rainbow Layer Cake

Surrounded by delicate ruffles, this beautiful cake boasts pastel layers once you slice into it.

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Easter Layer Ruffle Cake

Fabrege Easter Egg Cake

A delicate dessert, this elegant treat is a cinch to make.

via Face Full of Cake

Fabrege Easter Egg Cake

Easter Ladyfinger Cake

Perfect for an adult party, this dignified dessert is made with a rich chocolate mousse filling

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Ladyfinger Easter Cake

Easter Carrot Cupcake

A decadent treat for carrot cake lovers, make this cute dessert.

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Easter Carrot Cupcake

Jelly Bean Flower Easter Cupcakes

An easy cupcake-topper makes your holiday floral and festive.


Jelly Bean Cupcakes

Easy Easter Bunny Yellow Cake

You won’t believe how simple these are to pull off!

via Recipe.com

Easter Bunny Yellow Cake

Want more Easter treats?

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