No Knead Cheese and Bacon Rolls Recipe

Making your own bread is intimidating. I get it. There’s the yeast, then the kneading and then the resting. All before you have to even bake the bread. It can all just be a bit too much, can’t it?

A couple of years ago I discovered a no knead method for making bread and since then, life hasn’t been the same. An amazing thing happens when you combine flour, water, salt and yeast. Especially when you combine those four things and do not knead them. What you get is incredibly soft and fluffy bread that is worlds apart from the stuff you buy at a shop.

This recipe for no knead cheese and bacon rolls will only require about 10 minutes of actual work. You can even rest the formed rolls in the fridge overnight and bake them first thing in the morning for a perfect addition to school lunch boxes. Kids LOVE cheese and bacon rolls and who can blame them? Wait until they try your outta-this-world homemade version. A lifelong love affair is about to begin…

No Knead Cheese and Bacon Rolls


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