17 Products that Make Mealtime Fun for Kids (& Easier for Moms)

Mealtime is one of those times where I always hold my breath a little. Will today be the day my kids finally embrace the wonders of kale and thank me for my persistence and wisdom? Or will there be an epic meltdown because I inadvertently set out the Minnie spoon rather than the Frozen one and, ohmahgawd, everybody knows oatmeal can only be digested with Elsa at the helm?!?! 

So, I’m always looking for ways to make mealtime more fun for them and, by proxy, less stressful for me. Because, as we all know, a happy (ahem, distracted) kid is often much more amenable to healthy options…


Here are seventeen inexpensive ideas to make mealtime fun that may buy you a couple of minutes of peace and quiet. (A woman can dream, can’t she?)

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