10 Amazingly Good Quick Bread Recipes

You know what I love? Quick bread. It’s a cross between cake and bread. There’s no fickle yeast to deal with, so quick bread recipes are generally easy to make. And yeah, they’re quick, just like the name implies. Perfect for those who aren’t skilled bakers. They are also so versatile, with many variations depending on your favorite fruit, nuts, and even candy, and quick bread can be sweet or savory.

I have made my grandma’s banana bread recipe a million times so I’ve been looking for new quick bread recipes. And here’s the thing: I hit the jackpot. My favorite quick breads have chocolate in them. (I know that’s a shocker, right?!) But the list that I’ve rounded up isn’t limited to just chocolaty stuff; I also included quick bread recipes with lemon, peanut butter, red velvet, butterscotch, and cinnamon. I think I may just get off my butt and bake this afternoon.

These quick bread recipes area so easy, they practically make themselves:

More Bread Recipes:

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