frozen meatballs

9 Ways to Prepare Frozen Meatballs For An Easy Weeknight Dinner

It’s that time of year again. No matter what form of school your kids are heading back to, you’ll need an arsenal of quick weeknight meals to serve on busy nights. Well, say hello to your new secret weapon for speedy weeknight meals: frozen meatballs.

Keeping a stash of frozen meatballs on hand can open the door to any number of easy dinners. You can make your own meatballs and freeze them for convenience, or simply pick up a bag in the freezer aisle to use at a moment’s notice. When “just can’t” anymore when what it comes to making dinner, that bag can be transformed into more meals than you can count.


Frozen meatballs cook in a flash, take on almost any flavors, and can be prepared in slow cooker, oven or even on the grill. From Swedish meatballs and meatball kabobs, to meatball pizza and meatball soup, you won’t tire of this kitchen staple once you see the world of possibilities.

Ahead, the best meals that incorporate frozen meatballs:

More Easy Weeknight Meals:

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