Long Weekend Sorted: Jimmy Brings Are Blessing Us With Free Delivery All Weekend

It’s a long weekend across a lot of Australia, restrictions have eased (a ‘lil), and to make it even better, Jimmy Brings are offering free delivery all long weekend.

You need to spend at least $59 per person but with your five mates allowed over that’s easy peasy.


For those unfamiliar with the company, Jimmy Brings basically does… just that, delivers alcohol! They promise to bring it to you within 30 minutes too and the range is pretty spot on.

Sydney-siders are getting an extra special deal this weekend, with the delivery service chucking in a free 4-pack of Red Bull with any vodka purchase, so you can make Voda Red Bulls at home. Hint: for the full, immersive experience you can simply squeeze the upside-down can whilst pouring to replicate that signature sticky hands in the club sensation.

If you’ve outgrown the Vodka Red Bull, don’t worry, Jimmy Brings can bring the fancy too. They’re offering cocktail bundles, under the SPECIALS category. They’ve bundled up all the things you need for your classic cocktails. They’ve got your Aperol Spritz, your Moscow Mule, the Mojito, a Gin & Tonic and more. Loves a convenient bundle.

The free delivery offer will run from today, Friday 5th June through until Monday 8th June when you use the code YASQUEEN.

So, invite your pals around to stream the new season of Queer Eye, or the NRL if that’s more ya cup of tea, we mean, ahhh wine?

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