Hear Me Out: Now Is The Perfect Time To Give A Wine Subscription Service A Whirl

There’s plenty to hate about 2020 so far, but the fact that you can get wine, on a plan. That’s not bad at all. Kind of like a magazine subscription service, wine subscriptions mean you can automate your wine consumption and have it delivered to your door, rather than trying to social distance in a queue that extends through a carpark.

It sounds like a dream, but it’s real. You can have your wine selected, paid for, and on your doorstep ahead of time.


Wine Selectors are an Aussie brand leading the wine subscription charge. Basically, you get 12 (!!) bottles of hand-selected wine — delivered to your door. The iso dream.

But it gets fancier. Wine Selectors’ have a tasting panel, who make sure every wine they send your way is *chef’s kiss* perfection. You get to choose from a giant selection of wines (3,000 from 500 local cellar doors and wineries). But if you don’t like it, they have a satisfaction guarantee, so it’s win-win.

Your wine will come with comprehensive tasting notes and foods to match your wine with. So, when you invite your five mates around for cheese and wine night, you’ll seem all class. They will even give you a guide book on your chosen wine region so you back it up with the right talk.

Some words you can inject into your vocabulary ahead of your first delivery: heady aroma, hints of, pairs with, fruity, oaky — you get the idea.

Plus, they’re slinging free copies of Selector magazine with their subscriptions. Chuck it on the coffee table so everyone thinks you’re a fully-fledged wine connoisseur.

For a limited time only, the WS crew are offering a cheeky discount on their Regional Cellar Door selection where you can snag all the above for just $175 a pop which works out to $14.58 a bottle — the tiniest price hike from your clean skins.

There are no lock-in contracts and the offer includes a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on every bottle. Learn more about the deal, here.

Down the hatch!

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