Terrarium Pudding Cups Are the Greatest Spring Party Treats

If you think that terrariums are the best addition to your home decor, just wait until you see these edible terrarium treats! With a few basic supplies, you can make terrarium pudding cups that are perfect for spring parties and birthday treats. Chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos are the perfect ingredients for making layered desserts that look like layered terrarium dirt. Then top them with mini cacti piped from green frosting! You can even decorate them with dinosaur candies or other treats to make edible terrariums that your kids will love.


Personally, I like the kind of pudding that starts as a powder. Then I layer it into small glasses with the other ingredients. However, you can make these terrarium pudding cups with pre-packaged pudding cups for a faster snack! Then you simply top each pudding cup with Oreo “dirt” and your desired plants. Use your favorite frosting – store-bought or homemade, cream cheese or classic buttercream. No matter how you make them, your kids are sure to love them!

Here’s how to assemble your own terrarium pudding cups this spring!

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