10 Refreshing Canned Wine and Cocktail Options to Drink This Summer

Canned wines have come a long way. While they used to be associated with junky wine options, that’s no longer the case.  The quality of canned wines has improved dramatically, to the point where there is now a ton of canned options that are actually, really and truly, delicious. And now refreshing canned cocktails have been crowding the store aisles as well.

In trying to be the perfect hostess and accommodate everyone’s tastes, I usually fuss over the cocktail options way too much. I’m always worried that choosing a gin cocktail will exclude my rum-loving friends, or opting for rose instead of sparkling white wine will offend someone. But the increased availability of amazing canned wine and cocktails has changed all of that.


From an impressive rosé to a stand out margarita, I’ve rounded up the best canned wine and cocktail varieties to drink now.

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