These Banana Bread Scones Are Easy Morning Treats

Make these Banana Bread Scones for Easy Morning Treats

One of the most common #MomGoals is to simplify our mornings. And having breakfast at the ready will increase the chances of that happening. Enter the simple scone. It’s easy to eat, portable, tastes good – all the makings of an easy breakfast. These banana bread scones have all the same flavor as classic banana bread but take on a different texture in perfectly sized scones. Store them in an airtight container, and you can snack on scones for breakfast all week! You can even take these banana bread scones a step further with  mix-ins like walnuts or chocolate chips for more flavor and a little crunch. I topped each one with a light drizzle of a cinnamon glaze (recipe below), which added a little extra sweetness.


Make these Banana Bread Scones for Easy Morning Treats

Scones are a dry, only lightly sweetened, biscuit-like treat made with flour, fat and milk. In this case, the mashed banana and Greek yogurt give the banana scones their moisture and lend to the fluffy texture, and there’s no need for eggs. Unlike most of the desserts you make, the butter needs to be cold when you begin mixing scone dough. You “cut” the butter with the dry ingredients using a pastry cutter, fork or just your hands until it’s very crumbly – it’s supposed to look like the butter isn’t even there.

Then you mix in the wet ingredients to form a fairy thick dough that can easily hold a shape. The easiest way to make individual scones is simply to cut the batch of dough into triangles, but you can also roll it out lightly and use a round cutter to make more uniform scone shapes.

No matter what, these banana bread scones are going to feel like a treat on a weekday morning!

Make these Banana Bread Scones for Easy Morning Treats

Try these easy homemade banana bread scones topped with a light cinnamon glaze!

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