11 Recipes that are perfect for a picnic with kids

21 Picnic Recipes That Are Perfect for Kids

I’m always looking for an excuse to spend some time outside with my kids as not only is it a great way for them to burn up some of their excess energy (and hopefully have a sleep afterwards!) but venturing out of the house and spending time outside also gives me a boost and makes me feel good about myself.  Going on a picnic is one of our favourite activities, especially now that the weather is starting to warm up.  My older boys love to help decide what to take on our picnic and pack their lunch boxes (plus a few treats!) to take down to our local park. On those days when travelling to far from home is just way too hard, we will instead have a picnic in their cubby house or on our back lawn.

While there is nothing wrong with taking a a good old sandwich and some fruit on your picnic, I’ve put together 10 picnic recipes to take on a picnic with kids that everyone will enjoy and most importantly are simple to make.  Watch the slideshow and let me know what your favourite recipe is!

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21 Picnic Recieps That Are Perfect for Kids

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