Dude Food - Ice Cream Sandwich

Dad Dude Food: Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Dude Food - Happy Father's DayThink back to Mother’s Day. We adored the hand-drawn pictures by the littlies, the perfume and the flowers too, but boy, oh boy did we love a few hours to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. That was the best bit, time to yourself, right?

So seeing it’s Father’s Day just around the corner, why not continue that goodwill gesture and organise some time for Dad in his favourite seat possible: the one in front of the TV? You and the kids can whip up some yummy daddy dude food for him while he decides if it’s Bad Neighbours 2, Money Monster, The Boss or Dad’s Army that he’s going to watch. All gifted for Father’s Day, of course.

Ice Cream Sandwiches for Movie Night

There’s no better dude food than this recipe. It’s sweet, it’s something he’d never make himself and it’s something you’ll really enjoy making with the kids – it’s perfect for a few sneaky ‘taste test’ along the way. Here goes: my Choc-Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich.

Oh, and be sure to leave a few ‘leftovers’ in the freezer for during the week when the kids have finally gone to bed and you can get your hands on the remote to binge-watch DVDs with hubby on the couch. Here are a few suggested boxed sets you’ll both love:

Stace x

To find the perfect movie or boxed set for your man, head to The Viewing Lounge.


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