How to Pick Out the Perfect Avocado Every Time


Tips For Picking The Right Avocado


Picking the perfect avocado is like picking the right car. You can’t just pick the first one; you’ve got to test them all. Feel them. Hold them. You’ve got to make sure the one you’re taking home isn’t a lemon. (Pun absolutely intended with this one.) It’s not rocket science, but there are a few things you should look for when choosing the best avocados for your recipes. Here are my favorite tips for picking the right avocados at the grocery store.

1. Darker green flesh

Depending on where you live, the color of the avocados near you can change drastically. Take care to search for avocados that are a darker green in color. Avocados that are a light and vibrant green aren’t quite ripe and need more time to mature. (Don’t worry, there are tips to speeding up the ripening process at home if you pick an immature avocado!) 

How To Pick The Right Avocado Every Time

2. The avocado should yield to pressure

Be sure to give the avocado a good squeeze in the palm of your hand. It should just slightly yield to gentle pressure. An avocado that feels like a rock isn’t ripe and will not only be too tough to serve and eat, but it will also taste less-than-great. Avoid avocados that feel too mushy when you lightly squeeze. These are too ripe and won’t last long. 

Tips For Picking The Right Avocado

3. Avoid blemishes

Unless your greengrocer has stated that blemishes are due to an agricultural glitch (in which case, all the avocados will be affected and the fruit itself is absolutely fine), try to select avos with unblemished skin.

How To Pick The Right Avocado Every Time

Here’s what to do with your lovely avocados:


Images: Lexy Ward