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41 Easy Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Are you baking a cake for your loved ones’ birthday but dreading the cake design? Keep your worries at bay, as we have some cake-decorating ideas to make you look like a baking goddess with magical decorating powers.

The best part is that even if you’re not a baker or on a time crunch (as most moms tend to be), a store-bought cake with any of these decorations will look just as grand. Moreover, if you decorate it yourself, you can customize the cake decorations to fit your kiddo’s likes and dislikes, making the experience all the more enjoyable on their special day.

1. Balloons make everything better

All it takes to upgrade a white birthday cake to a magical and charming one is a handful of small balloons and a few wooden dowels. Make sure the frosting is thick so the cake doesn’t float away!

2. Edible flowers

Edible flowers are all the rage, so why not use them as cake decorations? They bring color and texture and make your little ones feel like princesses. Get some edible flowers, arrange them as you like, or take inspiration from the internet.

3. A cereal lover’s dream

If your kid loves their sugary cereals, why not put it on their birthday cake as decoration? It’s colorful and doesn’t require a whole lot of precision. Your child will be happy to see their favorite cereal on the cake.

4. Make a pattern with candy pieces

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If you want to avoid all the hassle of mixing frosting, coloring it, putting it in bags, and decorating, use candy bits of different sizes to amp up a plain cake. This makes for one of the best cake designs.

5. Petals of frosting

Rainbow cakes look stunning, so what if you recreate them on the outside instead of the inside? Rainbow petals might look intimidating, but they are just smooshed blobs of frosting done in the correct order. This is one of the best birthday cake decoration ideas made using frosting only (and a little food coloring).

6. A splatter cake

Wondering what to do with the remaining frosting? Splash them on top of the birthday cake. This unique cake will steal the spotlight at the party with its contemporary and unique design. Plus, you can involve your kids with this cake design as well.

7. It doesn’t need to be exact for abstract

Art can be edible. Use this cake decoration idea to upgrade that white cake with different colored swirls, dots, and lines. Since it is abstract, feel free to make messes because it will be part of the birthday cake’s beauty.

8. Dust on the decoration

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This is the easiest cake decoration that even your little one can create. Use a darker-colored cake frosting, put a stencil of their favorite cartoon character, and sprinkle on some powdered sugar. Voila, you have your kiddo’s favorite cartoon character on the cake.

9. Go for a naked cake

Sometimes, it’s little imperfections that make things perfect, especially cakes. Naked cakes are appealing because they require less cake decorating skills using frosting. Add some sugared berries at the end to give them a polished look.

10. Make a shape

Be it young or old, everyone loves sprinkles. However, instead of covering every last inch, use a stencil and make a sprinkle-shaped heart, write the name of your child or something else that they like.

11. Crush Chips Ahoy cookies

Some crushed Chips Ahoy cookies for rocks and a little chocolate ganache for lava is all you need for this cake design. Add some toy dinosaurs or cars for a finishing touch.

12. Turn everyday pancakes into a birthday cake

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Pancakes can turn a regular morning into an extraordinary one. So stack them on a plate, add some sprinkles and a little glaze with more sprinkles (because it is never enough), and get yourself a birthday treat worthy of candles.

13. Add a whole lot of candles

If you have no time or the skills to decorate a birthday cake, go with this cake-decorating idea. Place a bunch of different candle styles on the cake, and voila, you have a funky-looking gem.

14. Cover every square inch with candy

Do you still have some Halloween or easter candy left over? Use it all on the cake. Cover every inch of the cake with the candy and see your kid beaming from ear to ear.

15. Take it one step further with chocolate ganache

The only thing that can make an adorable Funfetti cake any better is adding a layer of chocolate on top. Pour chocolate ganache made with dark chocolate and cream on the cake for easy decoration.

16. Cut up fruit for animal-themed cakes

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Birthday cakes with animal faces always make kids happy. This one is super simple, as all you need to do is cut up some fruits and assemble them to create an animal face. Go with your little one’s favorite animal and watch their cute faces light up with joy.

17. For kids who prefer ice cream

Skip the cake entirely and pair ice cream sandwiches with upside-down cones and sprinkles. This birthday cake only uses four ingredients (ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, sugar cones, and chocolate topping) and takes just minutes to assemble.

Were you too engrossed with your work and forgot to prepare a birthday cake? Don’t let the mom guilt get you. Simply opt for this easy-to-assemble birthday cake that will surely make your kiddo happy.

18. Use candy molds for the ultimate Lego cake

Does your kid love Lego? Then, use them on the cake. The secret to this Lego cake is simple – candy molds. For this cake design, fill the mold with colored, melted chocolate and cover the cake with them. You can even sprinkle some actual Lego blocks around the cake to drive the theme across.

19. Go for extra-long candles

Instead of using regular-sized birthday candles, make your kid blow out a set of candles almost as tall as they are. However, it might be hard to come across these candles. If you are experienced at candle-making, feel free to customize some for your little ones.

20. Add gelatin bubbles to cupcakes

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Remember how you used to make papier-mâché piñatas with flour, water, and newspaper? These cupcakes use the same technique with gelatin and water (please don’t add in any newspaper here) for a pretty balloon effect that would be a hit at any princess party.

21. Add a row of Dum Dums for a pretty fairy cake

Use the Dum Dums Pops or any of your kid’s favorite lollipop and decorate the cake with it. This birthday cake idea will leave them surprised for sure.

22. Add licorice to a simple white cake

At first glance, this cake might sound complicated. However, once your guests notice the flowers are made of different flavors of licorice, they will be left speechless.

23. Go for a huge donut

This is a fun birthday cake idea for kids who love donuts. Get a huge donut and pair it with extra-small items like orange juice in tiny cups to complete the decoration.

24. Add toys and an easy DIY topper

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Place a cake topper with toy animals on the cake, and it’s done. You can make the birthday sign from refrigerator magnets, alphabets, and straws. This cake design is especially great for littles who haven’t developed likes and dislikes yet. However, seeing their favorite toys around the table will surely get them excited.

25. Add spooky (or funny) eyeballs

This cake decorating idea is spooky and especially great for a Halloween-themed birthday party. Simply frost Junior Mints into Oreos and then glue them onto the cake with some frosting.

26. Crushed Oreos

Crush Oreos and add toy vehicles from around the house for a simple construction-themed cake idea.

27. Pupper cake

For this cake decorating idea, bake two heart-shaped cakes, buttercream frosting with some cocoa powder for coloring, and a star tip for the frosting. Cut one of the cakes into two halves, which will serve as the ears. Use your creativity to decorate the top of the cake to look like an adorable pup.

28. Wafer and cone circus cake

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Use wafers, an ice cream cone, and nougat to create a circus cake. This one is probably the most labor-intensive compared to the rest of the birthday cake ideas on this list and would take some patience and tools.

29. Create a fairy princess castle

This is another birthday cake idea where, at first glance, it looks tricky to make. However, when you break the task down into several steps, it’s totally doable. The towers are ice cream cones atop crackers with candy heart flags, while the drawbridge and windows are waffle cones decorated with marshmallows.

30. Create roses for a magical princess cake

Take the flower tip and cover the cake with roses made with frosting. You can use single frosting or different colors to give the birthday cake a colorful look.

31. Whole lot of sprinkles for maximum impact

Why only cover the cake with sprinkles? Why not fill the sprinkles in between the layers of cake as well? Or make it as a pull-apart cake for added fun. Imagine the surprise on your kiddo’s face as you cut into the birthday cake.

32. Go full floral for a perfect tea party cake

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If you are no expert but still want flowers for cake decoration, use a frosting tip that is easy to handle. Make single-colored or multi-colored flowers and cover the entire cake with them.

33. Group cupcakes together for a birthday cake

Cupcakes are usually easier to make than a full-sized cake, so this cake decorating idea is perfect. You get the ease of cupcakes but the grandness of a full-sized cake, which works well if you are looking for unique birthday cake ideas.

34. Decorate mini cookies with flowers

If you don’t feel comfortable making a cake, how about these ganache-filled sugar cookies decorated with crushed Oreos and mini flowers for a garden-themed birthday cake? Sounds delicious if you ask us!

35. Use two cakes to create a third one

The best part about this cake design is the M&Ms that cover the entire cake. Plus, your child will be excited to help you with this task.

36. Anti-gravity cake

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Can you imagine bringing this cake out at a party? You could ride on that cool factor for weeks. And it’s deceptively easy! You essentially buy a store-bought cake and add elements that make the cake decorations seem like they are floating.

37. Muppet cake

It might not be the easiest cake design, but it is doable, especially when you see how adorable they turn out. You only need a couple of frosting tips and some googly eyes to create the muppet.

38. Owl cupcakes

These owls are just too adorable for words and super easy to make. You only need Oreos for the big owl eyes and a little cake icing. The cake is ready to be served.

39. Surprise with a piñata cake

Cakes are fantastic, but a cake with candy in it? It will just take your party to a whole new level. For this cake decoration, fill the center of the cake with candy and seal it with ganache on top.

40. Fairy or princess party

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There’s something so light and magical about an angel food cake. Add some pink food coloring, and you have a cake fit for your little princess.

41. Sugar with a candy cake

If your kid isn’t into cake, this idea is perfect for them. Pick a bunch of their favorite candies and create a candy cake with a literal bow on top.

So, which birthday cake idea will you try on your kid’s birthday? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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