Make Great Chicken With These Emeril Products

The five of us sat at a table while Emeril cooked two chicken dishes for us, teaching us and giving us tips along the way.  The food was of course, to die for.  I’m determined to try and make both dishes and improve my cooking at home since being on the show.

While the recipes aren’t yet available online, I’m taking with me some of the knowledge that I learned on the show.

The first chicken he cooked using a Tangine.  This clay pot is Moroccon and used on a stovetop.  Emeril used a normal cooking dish on the bottom (what touched the stovetop) and used the top of the Tangine to cover the cooking chicken.  He explained that the shape helps trap and recycle the spices and flavoring from the chicken, enhancing the dish itself.  I’m dying to get one to try and use at my own house – this chicken was delicious.  He cooked legs and thighs with a variety of ingredients including: olives, onions, garlic, saffron and more.

You can get Emeril’s brand Tangine for $140.00 with free shipping on 

For the second dish, he used a simple tool that everyone should have in their house:  a Meat Pounder & Tenderizer.  I actually did not own one and have already ordered one this week.  I had no idea how easy it could be.  Using one of these double-sided tools (Meat Tenderizer on one side, Pounder on the other), Emeril and one of my Mom blogger friends pounded flat a chicken breast.  It only took a minute and was easy!  Once flattened, Emeril filled the chicken with some yummy goodies and rolled it up.  Simple as can be. 

You can get this Oxo Good Grips Double-Sided Meat Tenderizer for $12.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Lastly, we all tasted a bit of Emeril’s staple Emeril’s Essence Seasoning.  Delicious!  When all else fails in cooking, add a bit of this to your food and you’re good to go!  $12.99 at

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