7 Moms Reveal Their Favorite Pregnancy Sex Positions

When I was pregnant earlier this year with my daughter Poppy, I shared that I hate pregnancy sex. I think it’s awkward and uncomfortable and just not…sexy. More recently, Amy Wruble questioned whether she can handle nine months of no sex during her pregnancy, due to complications. But, for some moms-to-be getting it on with a bump is totally fun and issue-free. Here, 7 members of our Baby & Bump community dish on their favorite pregnancy sex positions:

“Doggy style with a super soft pillow under my belly for support is the most comfortable and best feeling right now. Coming in at a close second, is standing up against a wall!” –babyfor2


“Laying sideways like spooning works great for me!” –lucy529

“Oh, it’s all about the reverse cowgirl if you don’t mind OH seeing your bottom!” –randomrach

“Put your bum on a pillow and get DH to kneel. Works great!” –hbgirl

“Has to be me on top. I can control how far he goes in that way.” -littlesteph

“We spoon sort of and I lift my leg over his hip. No idea if that makes sense but it’s very comfy.” –youngmamttc

“If you have a strong OH, I advise you ladies to try it with your booty hanging off the bed and him holding you up.” –liveandlove04

Inspired? Try out their advice tonight!

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