It Seems Like Everyone Is Pregnant…But Me

It seems like every woman I know who is capable of being pregnant is expecting – and it’s been so hard to hear that good news from my friends and family members while I’m still trying and trying to conceive my second child. But I don’t want to be depressed over the good fortune of others, so here’s what I’m doing to stay positive: 

Be a good friend. We haven’t told anyone that we are trying to get pregnant yet, so I can’t hold it against them when they go on and on about how excited they are to have a baby. I need to be a good friend to them! One of my best friends is pregnant and so my job is to listen and help with her two year old boy so she can rest a little and make afternoon milkshake runs for her. Helping her helps me not to focus on myself not being pregnant.


Stay positive. When I think I can’t hear anymore, I try my best to stay excited for those who are expecting. Because it is awesome that they are having a baby, right? Right. And honestly, when I try to stay positive, it just makes me more excited for the day when I am lucky enough to have another baby.

Avoid dwelling on my difficulties. It doesn’t seem fair that other people seem to be pregnant so easily while I struggle and try and try. But there are wonderful things to enjoy about my life right now and so I try my best to focus on my blessings. Don't get me wrong, it's hard for me sometimes. I tend to concentrate on the things in my life that need "fixing", even things that are out of my hands like getting pregnant. So no matter how easy being a glass-half-empty type of person comes to me, for my own good and the benefit of my husband and son, I do my best to avoid dwelling on my difficulties.

Overall, I am bummed that I am not pregnant, but I am trying my best to be nothing but ecstatic for my friends and family members who are expecting. Hopefully my day of being pregnant will come soon and all of the disappointment and difficulties that come with having trouble conceiving will come to an end.

How do you handle the overload of pregnant woman when you are TTC?