Taking a Break From Trying to Get Pregnant

We aren’t taking a break from trying to conceive our second child, but sometimes I wish we would. Perhaps that's a sign that we should stop trying to get pregnant for a while. I'm not talking about taking a break from sex or starting back on birth control. I just mean taking a break from tracking ovulation, stressing every month whether I'm pregnant, and forcing ourselves to have sex when we’re not really in the mood. 

It’s stressful to keep trying without getting pregnant, but we’re keeping at it because our doctor suggested that we try a bit longer, and we already decided ahead of time that we’ll wait until 10 months of trying to take a break (unless, of course, we’re pregnant by then). We’re both committed to spending several months trying before we call it quits, even if it’s just a temporary time out.


We’re getting closer and closer to that 10 month mark, but so far we don't feel too overwhelmed by the stress of not being pregnant yet. Some days are harder than others, don't get me wrong. Like when a childhood friend called to tell me she’s pregnant with her third kid and that it was a total surprise. That stung. I'm trying to get pregnant and I'm having trouble, whereas my friend wasn't even trying and she got a happy "Surprise! You're pregnant!" Is that fair? Nope. But that's life.

If we do get to the 10-month mark, and end up taking a break, I hope that I can use that time to decompress and relax. I hope that not trying to conceive even for a short while won't stress me out even more. I am a very goal oriented person and trying to get pregnant is the first thing in my life that I can remember not being able to control. Maybe that makes me a control freak, and if that's the case so be it. While we continue to try and press forward, I am trying to psych myself up by "looking forward" to our break. Should it come.

Did you take a break while you were TTC?