Baby Names: Sources of Inspiration

Choosing your baby’s name is a huge deal; your baby will have this name his or her entire life, so it’s the first major decision you will be making on their behalf. 


Whether you want a unique or traditional name there are many sources of inspiration out there.

Traditional Names

The traditional way to find a baby name – by using a baby book, or its online equivalent – is probably one of the easiest ways to find lists of traditional baby names.  That way you can consider what you like, and what goes with your surname and find the perfect name for your little one.  

Name Meanings and Sources

Many parents consider the meaning of a name to be very important, so it’s useful that there are so many online tools to view what names mean before you choose them for your baby.  Just search for “baby name meanings” and you will be inundated.  You may also wish to choose a name from a particular language, for example to honour your Japanese ancestry you might decide on a Japanese name.  Again, there are many tools online to browse names from different languages for inspiration.

Family Members or Friends

Naming your child after a close friend or family member is a great idea and many people choose to do this because it gives their baby’s name an extra special meaning.  You could choose to name your son after your favourite grandfather, thus honouring his memory after he has passed away.  Now that the internet makes it so much easier, why not research your family history?  You might find an ancestor from years before with a name you love, that could inspire your own choice of baby name.

Film or Literary Names

Naming babies after a character from a movie or book has always been a popular choice and the name will have a special meaning for you as well.  However if you don’t like the idea of your baby having a common name, be wary of choosing something which is popular at the moment as others will likely do the same.  For example, many names from Twilight surged in popularity right after the movies were released.

Celebrity Trends

There’s no getting away from it, celebrities are everywhere and, knowingly or unknowingly, we’re often influenced by them.  Many names given by celebrities to their children grow in popularity on the baby name lists as a result.  

Middle Names

If you love the idea of a more unusual or unique name but don’t want it to be your child’s first name, consider a traditional first name with a more contemporary or unique middle name.  That way you get the best of both worlds!