Jade Roper Tolbert Gives Birth in Her Closet – Tips For an Unexpected Home Birth

Reality TV couple from Bachelor in Paradise, Jade Roper Tolbert and husband, Tanner Tolbert welcomed a baby boy on Monday in probably the most dramatic way possible – he was born in their closet. The happy family is reportedly in great condition and recovery peacefully.

Jade’s water broke the night before and she had been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions for several hours, but she and her husband did not believe that she was in active labor, according to an interview she gave to People Magazine. But that didn’t stop their baby boy from trying his best to greet the world.

“I started pacing in the bathroom and found myself in the closet trying to think about getting clothes on,” Tolbert told People Magazine. “Then I yelled for Tanner and I was like, ‘Tanner it’s happening now!’ He came in and tried to get me dressed. He put me in a T-shirt and his gym shorts. I was just in a pain and labor fog.”

The couple called for an ambulance and at 10:31 pm and after only one push, the Tolbert’s welcomed a baby boy – from the floor of their bedroom closet. The boy was a healthy 7lbs and 9oz, and 20 inches long.

For all the excitement that a story like this brings, it actually isn’t uncommon for women to give birth in odd places – and sometimes without help. In the event that you or someone you know is pregnant and unexpectedly goes into labor, there are a few steps that you can take to help ensure the safety of both mom and baby.

First, know that women have been giving birth unassisted for thousands of years. Labor and delivery is a natural event that can happen safety in even the strangest surrounding. That said, if you can call 911 and get medical help, you should! Bringing a new life into the world may be the most natural thing but it doesn’t always mean that trouble can’t arise.

Help the mom breathe through her contractions and stay as calm as possible. If it looks like the baby is coming faster than help can arrive then you can do a few things to help.

  • Help mom to get herself into a birthing position that feels comfortable to her, and make sure she is on a sturdy surface where she won’t fall or get injured.
  • If you can wash your hands then do it. Also, grab a clean towel or item of clothing to help catch and wrap the baby.
  • Remember that a newborn can’t support its own head weight so be sure to hold the baby by the head and shoulders while it is being born. Then secure the baby in some kind of clean fabric (your own shirt if you have to) and give the baby to mama in order to start immediate skin-to-skin contact. It is vital NOT to cut the cord until emergency professionals arrive.
  • You may have to help deliver the placenta next.
  • And finally, do everything you can to keep mom and baby safe and calm.

While we are not medical experts and we do not recommend using these tips as the end-all-be-all for how to navigate a situation like this, we do encourage all expecting moms to have an emergency plan for what to do when you go into labor.

Check out these sources for more information on how to deliver a baby in an emergency situation or how to plan for emergencies.

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