12 Baby Shower Food Ideas Your Guests Will Go Crazy For

When you are hosting a baby shower and want everything to be perfect, it requires some planning. You need to come up with baby shower invitations, the decor, games, prizes, and of course, the most important part: the baby shower food and dessert. (After all, your guest of honor is eating for two!)

While your first instinct when it comes to the baby shower food may be to keep things cute and bite-sized, you also need to factor in the following:


  • Time of day that the baby shower is taking place
  • Location of the baby shower (is it in your home or a rented space?)
  • Length of the baby shower
  • Budget
  • Food preferences or aversions of the mom-to-be

Baby shower food tends to include things like finger sandwiches chicken or pasta salad, cheese and crackers, vegetable platters and fruit. But take your guests into account. My friends like to eat, so I like to serve something more substantial when hosting a baby shower.

And then, of course, there are the baby shower treats, which you can have a lot of fun decorating, no matter whether the baby is on team pink or blue—or even both when twins are thrown into the mix. (And don’t forget these incredibly cool gender reveal cakes!) From cookies to cake pops, delicious desserts are a major highlight of any baby shower. You can get creative with baby shower treats and doctor up Rice Krispies treats, bake batches of mini cheesecake bites and colorful petit fours.

Don’t know where to start planning your baby shower menu? Look to this list of baby shower food ideas for your next party.

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12 Baby Shower Food Ideas Your Guests Will Go Crazy For