The Craziest Celebrity Baby Names

No matter how many times the celebrity magazines tout it, I know celebrities are not like us. Case in point: They pick some really out-there baby names on their offspring. Here are my favorite unique celebrity baby names.

North West

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with North as a name—unless, like Kim and Kanye’s baby girl, your last name is West. Then it’s a direction, not a name.


Moxie Crimefighter

Comedian/magician Penn picked this offbeat mix for his daughter, which regularly makes the weird celebrity baby name lists.

Royal Reign

This name feels like one that’d be picked by Prince for his child, but Lil’ Kim is the one who made this up.

Pilot Inspektor

Jason Lee has a history of some pretty out-there baby name picks (including Casper for a daughter), but this is the wildest.

Audio Science

At this point, actress Shannyn Sossamon is more famous for her son’s baby name than for her acting.


Gwyneth Paltrow says she and Chris Martin picked it for the wholesome fruit, but I just think of iPods.


Yeah, we get it, Nicolas Cage. You like Superman. But couldn’t you have gone with Clark or Kent?

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence

The weirdest part of this overly long name Uma Thurman bestowed on her most recent daughter? She actually calls her Luna instead.

Sparrow James Midnight

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden gave their son this name to make it tough on him. Madden actually said: “My worry raising a son in Hollywood is, what will he have to struggle for? I wanted to give him a name he’s going to have to stand up for.”

Bronx Mowgli

Everyone (except, apparently, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz) knows that Brooklyn’s the New York City borough name du jour. And adding the Jungle Book character’s name doesn’t improve the situation.

Buddy Bear Maurice, Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela and Petal Blossom Rainbow.

Chef Jamie Oliver, we have one word for you: NO.

Racer, Rocket, Rebel and Rogue

Director Robert Rodriguez found his sons’ “R” themed word names in a dog name book. No lie. (At least daughter Rhiannon was named after a Fleetwood Mac song instead!)

Speck Wildhorse

John Mellencamp and Elaine Irwin gave their son a name that means “teeny-tiny piece.” Not exactly inspiring.


This name smoosh comes to us courtesy of Jermaine Jackson, who is trying to indicate some sort of royal name on his son. (Uncle Michael went a bit further with his kids, picking Prince for two of them.)

Tu Morrow

Actor Rob Morrow gave his daughter a pun as a name. Nice.

Moon Unit, Diva Thin Muffin, Dweezil

Rocker Frank Zappa is the granddaddy of all weird baby namers, and his name picks still set the standards.

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Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram