A Power Drill + 7 More Surprising Things That Should Be on Your Baby Registry

I was 7 months pregnant with my first child when one of my dearest friends hosted a shower for me. She convinced me to register at a lovely baby store in town. But now that I’m the mom of two kids, one 7 and the other 4, I look back on that first baby registry and laugh. That’s because I registered for about five different baby blankets not knowing that what I’d really need is a power drill. Who knew?!


If I were to register now versus before I had children, my list would look completely different. Here are some things no parent can live without.

1. Allen wrench

What exactly is this? It’s that funny shaped wrench that you need to build cribs, toys, and just about every Ikea product. Some products come with their own Allen wrench, while others don’t. You should get one and guard it with your life because you’ll need it over and over again to put together all those hard plastic toys your kids want. 

2. Lots of batteries 

As a parent, you’ll need pretty much every kind of battery ever made because every baby product and toy will require a different size battery. God forbid your child has to wait until tomorrow for his new toy to be put together.

3. Reusable water bottles

You won’t get out of the driveway before your kid start telling you that she is thirsty. So you’ll buy her a reusable water bottle, which she will lose immediately. So, plan ahead, and register for a dozen water bottles now.

4. Dustbuster

There’s no way to sugar coat this: You’ll spend most of your time trailing your child with a dustpan or dustbuster, in your home, at friend’s homes, at his grandparents’ homes…the cracker crumb trail never ends.

5. All the contents of an office supply store

No matter how many times you buy pencils, pencils, and other supplies, it will all still be lost when homework time comes around. If only Staples had a frequent buyer plan!

6. Humidifier

This thing can help your congested baby sleep. Of course, there’s no guarantee that she will sleep better with a humidifier, but it will give you hope that she will and that’s why a humidifier must always be used.

7. An endless supply of tote bags

Parents are like human sherpas and therefore need tons of bags to carry the tons of things their children claim are too heavy to carry themselves.

8. Power drill

I never knew how often I’d need a handheld power drill to help put together kid’s furniture and to take off those hard-to-reach battery covers on kid’s toys until I had kids. I use mine all the time!

Every parent also needs a lifetime supply of patience. If only you could register for that!

Photo: Getty