5 Things I’ve Loved About Being Pregnant

Welcome to Pregnancy Without a Filter, my weekly series in which I chronicle my life as a first-time mom-to-be. Read along for insights, outbursts, ups, downs, and the real deal about the crazy adventure of making a person.


Week 37

Here’s something that I’ve learned in my 37 illustrious weeks of being pregnant: It’s hard work. Plain old hard work. It’s tough to see your body go through these crazy changes, to lug around all of the extra weight, to suffer all of the weird and unpredictable symptoms, and to try to stay positive through it all. Looking back over my last few posts, they’ve been totally honest but also have pretty much glossed over any of the fun stuff that’s been happening. Because the truth is, all of the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy feel a little lighter when you focus on the things that are so wonderful about it. So here are five things I’ve loved about being pregnant.

Wondering what my baby will be like

It’s a totally pointless game, but I love those moments when Ryan and I toss questions back and forth about our little guy. Will he have hair right away? Will he have my eyes? Will he want to play football? Play the trumpet? Play both? It’s like waiting for and wondering about the best surprise you could imagine.

Being the target of kindness

I swear, I’ve had people do and say some of the nicest things while I’ve been pregnant. Not major things, just small kindnesses. Giving up a shopping cart. Letting me cut in line. One guy said, “You are what all pregnant women should aspire to look like.” And I’m pretty sure it’s a line he has used before, but I didn’t even care – he made the effort to make me feel good and on that day, it made a difference.

Planning a nursery

What could possibly be more fun than putting together a cozy little place for a new person? Washing tiny clothes, putting up curtains, and picking out blankies with extra care have been some of my favorite things. Picturing the baby using all of these things as he grows up has made me want the nursery to be extra special.

Baby hiccups

The first time I felt baby kick and roll around was pretty incredible, I must say. But even better than that, I love the baby hiccups. It’s the most solid reminder I have had that a tiny little living person is hanging out in my stomach, and that he’s just a normal guy like the rest of us. He gets the hiccups! And they are adorable.

Special pregnancy treatment

I could probably ask my husband to run a 10k in order to get me a pint of ice cream right now and he would do it. (Not that I abuse my position or anything…) But truly, he’s been the biggest of champs with everything from foot rubs to making dinner, and every pregnant woman should be so lucky as to have someone like that around.

Mamas, add to the list! What have you loved about being pregnant?