15 Surprising Ways My Second Pregnancy Is Different Than My First

I want to start off by saying that this is in no way a list of complaints. I am very lucky to be pregnant, I know many women struggle with fertility, and I miscarried myself between my first pregnancy and my current one. I appreciate this pregnancy in spite of any hardships it causes. That being said — here is how pregnancy is different the second time around for me.


1. The first time, I read about what was happening with my baby (“This week your baby is the size of a kiwi.”) This time I’m hoping the baby is already the size of a melon to justify how big my belly already is.

2. I got pregnant so I could have a baby the first time around. This time I got pregnant so my baby can have a sibling.

3. I was a little sick and tired in my first trimester with baby number one. Now I’m sick and tired all the time, even at 17 weeks.

4. During my first pregnancy, my husband treated me with kid gloves. I got my way in any disagreement, I got back rubs. I got waited on hand and foot. This time I’m lucky if my husband notices that I’m throwing up because he’s busy taking care of our first child while I do.

5. I had a cute little bump when I was carrying my first son. This time I just look and feel fat. And way earlier too.

How Pregnancy Is Different the Second Time Around

6. The first time, I had back and hip issues in my third trimester. This time I’ve have back and hip issues since my first trimester. Holy sciatica!

7. During my first pregnancy, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had a baby growing inside of me. This time, I forget I’m pregnant most of the time.

8. I tried to abstain from caffeine with baby number one. The kid I’m carrying now is made of coffee.

9. I watched what I ate the first time around. This time I’m eating whatever doesn’t make me sick.

10. I napped whenever I wanted with baby number one. This time I’m lucky if I get a nap when my three-year-old naps.

How Pregnancy Is Different the Second Time Around

11. I worried about everything that could go wrong during my first pregnancy. Now I only worry about whether I’ll ever get sleep again.

12. I took weekly photos of my baby bump when I was carrying my first son. I documented when he moved and kicked. I kept track of everything (I wrote an entire private baby blog documenting my entire pregnancy.) Now I might occasionally take a bump photo while I’m taking a photo of my son.

13. With my first son, I marveled over my ultrasound pictures. I studied them to an embarassing degree. I put them on Facebook. This time I put the first one on the fridge for my son to see (the rest are on the bottom of my purse).

14. The first time, I wondered how I could ever love anything as much as my baby. Now I’m wondering how I’ll love my second baby as much as my first.

15. I worried about my labor and delivery the first time around. Now I’m worried what I’ll do with my first son when I go into labor with my second.

I’m sure there are many more differences, but I have to go throw up now so that’s all I can think of. What ways was your first pregnancy different from your second or third or fourth?

(all photos property of Chandra Fredrick of Oh Lovely Day)