Tips and Tricks for Keeping Kids’ Holiday Clothes Clean

On the rare occasion your child is sporting fancy threads, you can minimize stains, snags, and serious wardrobe malfunctions with the following tips:


Tip #1

When purchasing formal clothes for your kid, keep away from white and light shades, whenever possible. Opt for darker shades, which are less likely to show stains.

Tip #2

When shopping for formal duds, avoid fussy and uncomfortable fabrics. While a lace and rhinestone collar may look absolutely adorable, an evening of your child tugging at it promises to shorten the life of the garment—especially if those fingers are laced with chocolate cake!

Tip #3

After purchasing formal wear for your child, don’t keep the new clothes in his or her room. Seeing the new outfits may tempt your kid into a fun game of dress-up or make-believe, which is great for the imagination, but bad for the clothes. Hiding your purchases until it’s time for the event will prevent pre-occasion mishaps.

Tip #4

The best way to preserve your kid’s formal garb? Keep you kid out of them! Pack up the fancy duds, and have your child travel to the event in regular clothes—you can change your child upon arrival. If you are unable to wait until the last possible minute, have your kid travel to the event in layers. Put a sweatshirt, a jacket, or an oversized t-shirt over the fancy-wear to keep the clothes protected during travel time.

Tip #5

Come prepared: bring a stain stick and wipes with you in the (likely!) event your preventative measures fail and your child’s formal wear gets soiled. Applying the stain stick immediately gives you the best chance of beating the stain.