Celebrate Earth Day these 5 Ways

While many eco-friendly families consider every day Earth Day, on April 22 people from around the world will rally together to honor the earth by participating in Earth Day activities.


This Earth Day, consider celebrating as a family by participating in one of these family-fun Earth Day activities.

1. Cleanup some green space

Put on some rubber gloves and pick up trash around your local park, playground or even off of your neighborhood sidewalk. Talk about the importance of caring for your community and doing your part to make a difference.

2. Hang a bird feeder

Coat a pine cone with peanut butter, roll it in birdseed and hang your homemade birdfeeder out on a tree limb for the birds to snack on. Another option is to repurpose a milk carton or gallon jug. Simply cut a hole in the side, fill it with bird seed and hang it on a tree branch. Observe your bird feeder and count how many birds and what type of birds come to eat.

3. Plant a tree

Whether you plant a tree in your own back yard or you donate a dollar to plant a tree through the Nature Conservatory’s Plant a Billion Trees project, planting a tree makes a lasting difference for generations to come. Talk about the importance of trees and how trees help filter the air, create shade and shelter and prevent soil erosion.

4. Start a recycling program

If you don’t already recycle, Earth Day is the perfect time to commit to doing so. If you are already an avid recycler, consider starting a recycling program at your local church, school or community center.

5. Create something using recycled or repurposed items

Use cereal boxes, old magazines and newspapers, glass jars, egg cartons, wine corks, bottle caps and any other items you can recycle or repurpose to create an artistic masterpiece.  Make a house from a cardboard box or build a fort by stacking several boxes together. You and your kids may even enjoy creating a straw marble maze using an old snack or cereal box, straws, tape and glue.  

We all share the earth and should do our party in keeping it healthy and clean. Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity to begin teaching young children to care for their environment and to be conscientious about how they handle the daily trash and items they leave behind.

Do you recycle regularly? Do you practice earth-friendly principles in your homes? How do you get the kids involved? Share your tips in the comments below.