Choosing Child Care for Multiples

You knew giving birth to two would be hard. You expected sleep deprivation. You suspected crying to happen in stereo. What you didn’t anticipate was that finding quality, childcare for your multiples would be so hard.


If you’re expecting multiples and anticipate that you’ll have a need for child care, there are a few child care things you’ll want to consider in advance:

First, leave yourself plenty of time to find the right provider. If you’re expecting multiples, it’s not unreasonable to begin your child care search during your second trimester. This is true especially if you plan to return to work or need a full-time provider.

Second, consider all of your options. There are several child care options ranging from home day care, to day care centers, to nannies, family and friends care and more. If you’ve always thought a nanny may be financially out of reach, the reality is hiring one may not be. Unlike with daycare, you don’t have to pay for two slots when hiring a nanny. The weekly rate for an in-home child care provider may end up being on par, or even less expensive, than daycare.

Third, think about what matters to you most.  When thinking about child care, what is most important to you?  The children being cared for in their home environment? A flexible schedule? Someone with multiples experience? A center where there is more than one caregiver? Each child care option has its own set of pros and cons. Selecting the option that best fits your family will help guide you to the right choice.

Fourth, look for someone with multiples experience. Caring for one baby can be overwhelming. Caring for two can bring that feeling to a whole new level. Regardless of the child care option you choose, consider the caregivers experience. A provider that has cared for numerous sets of multiples is likely more competent at managing two and confident in her ability to do so than someone who has cared for none.

Fifth, investigate your potential caregiver. Once you’ve decided on a potential caregiver, let the investigation begin. If it’s a daycare center, be sure all licensing and accreditation is up to date. If it’s an individual, conduct a background check (companies like PFC Investigation Services can help with this) and social media site search to learn more about the caregiver. Regardless of the type of care provider you choose, you’ll want to check references, have an in-depth interview and have a trial run before making any final decisions.

When it comes to child care, you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. If you’re worrying if your babies are being well cared for, you won’t be productive at work and you’ll likely be an emotional mess. Take your time when selecting a care giver and if the provider checks out, pay attention to your gut. If you feel at peace with the provider, chances are you’ve made the right choice.