Christmas Safety Tips

From the Christmas tree to the toys under it, there can be hidden hazards all around us.

Follow these 10 tips for nipping potential holiday hazards in the bud:

1. If using an artificial tree, be sure its label reads “Fire Resistant.” While this doesn’t mean it can’t catch fire, it does mean it should resist burning and should extinguish quickly.

2. If using a live tree, be sure it is fresh (it isn’t already loosing needles) and has a new, clean cut on the bottom of the trunk before putting up.

3. Place your tree away from all heat sources and water it regularly to prevent it from drying out.

4. Use only noncombustible or flame-resistant materials to trim a tree and to decorate your home. Breakable ornaments and décor should be placed out of the reach (and if possible, sight) of children.

5. When decorating outdoors, be sure to only use lights and decorations approved for outdoor use and be sure all lights, whether used indoors or out, have been tested and conform to safety standards.

6. Turn off lights when you go to bed or aren’t home.

7. Be sure that your fireplace is child-proofed. Consider placing a hearth gate around your fireplace. Don’t burn wrapping paper in the fireplace as it could cause a flash fire.

8. Before your child opens and plays with new toys, be sure they are age appropriate. Follow toy labeling guides for recommended age requirements.

9. Clean up immediately following holiday parties. Vacuum or sweep to be sure any food is picked up and put away all alcohol.

10. When serving foods and drinks, be sure to keep all hot items out of the reach of children.  

What tips do you have to keep your kids safe during this holiday season? Share your best safety tips below.

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