Report: Woman Gives Birth on Southwest Airlines Flight

A Southwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to Phoenix made an unscheduled landing in Los Angeles after being diverted because of a new passenger: the baby boy born on board during the flight. The unidentified woman who went into labor during the flight and her new son are recovering at Southland Hospital, according to a CBS News report.

Passengers report that the captain and flight crew called for medical assistance aboard flight 623, but most were unaware of the nature of the medical emergency. The baby was born with the help of a doctor and nurse who happened to be on the plane. One of the pilots, Captain John Gordy, praised air traffic controllers for quickly arranging the unscheduled landing at busy LAX airport. The newborn arrived 15 minutes before the plane landed.


Paramedics met the plane at the gate to give immediate attention to the new mother and her baby, who are in good condition at an LA hospital.

Following the hospital transfer, the remaining passengers — who applauded when the captain announced the birth — were allowed to exit the flight. They were boarded on another Southwest plane to continue on to their original Phoenix destination.

Photo: Getty