DIY Day of the Week Underwear for Kids and Tweens

Emotions are running high in my house this year. If one of my girls isn’t rolling her eyes, then the other one is sticking out her tongue. And, fine, I’ll admit that some of those eye rolls, deep sighs, and scowls come from me, too. But, there’s also a lot of laughing, blown kisses, and a little mischief in the mix. I figured we might as well focus on the fun and enthusiasm and put them to a cute use. These DIY Day of the Week Underwear put a silly twist on some of the serious feelings swirling around in a house of elementary-age kids. Plus, they remind me of the Day of the Week Underwear I used to sport as a kid.

days of the week underwear days of the week underwear

DIY Day of the Week Underwear:


Days of the Week printable



iron-on transfer sheets

solid colored underwear


days of the week underwear days of the week underwear


Step 1: Download the Days of the Week printable. Print the design, which will be in reverse, onto iron-on transfer paper. Make sure the transfer paper you use is designed to work with light or dark colors, depending on the shade of your fabric.

Step 2: Cut out each Day of the Week design. Trim the excess paper as close to the design as possible, and position the design on the back of the underwear with the image facedown.

Step 3: Following the iron-on transfer package directions, iron the design onto the underwear. Set aside to cool while you repeat the process on the remaining pairs of underwear.


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