Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Moms Can Pull Out of Their Closets

I don’t know how it happened, because I feel like last week we were flipping Labor Day burgers and easing into a back-to-school routine, but lo and behold, here comes Halloween. I’ve always loved dressing up and knocking on neighbors’ doors for free candy, but something about doing it as a parent is just extra-special. Except for the part where I’m scrambling for a last minute Halloween costume.

My three-year-old has been flip-flopping for months between a mermaid and a princess — so I’ve stocked up on costume necessities for both options. And the baby’s adorable Etsy Halloween costume is due to arrive in the mail any day now.  But of course, as a mom the last thing I always seem to think about is myself. Cue the last-minute search to find a suitable costume.

The good news is, these days mom life itself goes through many transformative costumes. No store-bought costume is necessary when you can just reach into the closet and grab something that totally works. Worst case scenario: throw on your wedding dress and go as the last time you actually paid attention to your own appearance. (Kidding, sort of). PS: A diaper bag works wonders as a candy tote (so many deep pockets for hiding your favorite pieces from the kids!)

Need a last minute Halloween costume that doesn’t look completely ridiculous? Let these easy get-ups inspire you:

More Halloween Inspiration:







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