Quick and Cozy DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl for Fall

There’s nothing I love more than sitting around a fire. But I don’t have the space for a full-size fire pit outside and it can be a hassle to deal with the burning logs and ashes of an indoor fireplace. So what’s the answer? This easy DIY tabletop fire bowl is the perfect solution. It extends the outdoor season for me and it allows me to entertain outside which is one of my favorite things to do. It’s so simple and inexpensive, and it creates a hygge vibe on any deck, patio, or balcony. You can even use  a DIY fire bowl for the summer because it adds a bit of heat to cooler summer nights without creating an inferno.

Once you have all the materials gathered, this cool DIY tabletop fire bowl takes just a few minutes to make. Here’s how:

DIY Modern Gold and Glass Fire Bowl

DIY Fire Bowl


glass planter or decorative jar

lava rocks, decorative rocks, or fire glass

gel fuel

wire mesh

tin spins

long-reach lighter


Step 1: Measure the diameter of the planter’s opening. Using tin spins, cut a sheet of wire mesh that’s 1/2″ smaller. Set aside.

Step 2: Place gel fuel cans into the bottom of the planter. Space them at least 1″ apart from each other.

Step 3: Place the mesh screen on top of the cans.

Step 4: Arrange decorative rocks on top of the mesh. Be sure to leave the gel fuel partially uncovered, so that you can access it with the long-reach lighter.

Step 5: Light the gel fuel. Enjoy the warm glow.

DIY Modern Gold and Glass Fire Bowl DIY Modern Gold and Glass Fire Bowl DIY Modern Gold and Glass Fire Bowl


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