DIY Plywood Dinosaur Art

DIY Plywood Dinosaur Art: Bam!!! Like a Dinosaur

You can make these simple little pictures too, they were so, so, so easy and now I just want to make about a million of them. If you have a birthday coming up and I’m your friend, surprise! This will probably be your next present. Hope you like quotes that don’t really mean anything.

DIY Dinosaur Art


  • plywood squares – I got my handy hubby to cut them for me with the drop saw and gave them a quick sand, but a lot of hardware stores will actually cut them up for you.
  • sandpaper
  • black contact
  • scissors.

I have left these unfinished because I really like the raw look but if you wanted more durability you could always lacquer them. If you want to trace lettering you will also need baking or tracing paper and a pencil but I’ll get to that in a second. 

DIY Ply wood Wall Art | Mountain |Patchwork Cactus


Step 1: This really is as simple as cutting whatever shape you want out of contact and sticking it on your plywood. Just make sure you give the plywood a good rub with a towel so there is no dust on it before you stick on your sticker. 

For the quote I typed it up on my iPad using Paper Cut font then put some baking paper over it and traced it right off the screen.

Step 2: I laid out the contact so the backing was facing up, flipped the baking paper over so the pencil side was facing down and laid the baking paper on top. Are you following? Note ‘Baking’ and ‘backing’ are two different words.

Step 3: Next I used a rubber to press on the back of the lettering and transferred it to the contact backing paper. If you have a printer that actually works when it should you could print your quote straight onto the back – but remember to flip the image around so it is mirrored or everything will be backwards. 

I feel like there should be more to say but it really was that simple. If you do give this tutorial a go then make sure to share your results on Instagram and tag me in the pic so I can check it out. Happy crafting lovelies. 


DIY Plywood Dinosaur Art

This DIY is modified from a post that first appeared on Patchwork Cactus.

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Images: Barbara O’Reilly

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