31 Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Projects That Cost a Fraction of the Real Thing

I’m always drawing inspiration from the pages of catalogs that show up at my doorstep. But if I bought every distressed headboard or geometric glass vase I wanted, I’d be broke in a hot minute. If you’re like me and want to include a few pretty Pottery Barn inspired DIY updates in your home without a huge price tag (or maybe you just want to get your hands dirty with a little DIY action), look no further.

I’ve got you covered with this roundup of the most clever Pottery Barn hacks out there. A little paint here, a few nails there, and you can whip yourself up a new piece for your home—and even have the bragging rights to say you did it yourself. Check out my very favorite Pottery Barn-inspired DIYs in the slideshow.

More Inspired Hacks for the Home:

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