DIY Yarn Tapestry

grey, pink, white yarn tapestry

I’ve been seeing these super cute yarn tapestries everywhere, and I couldn’t wait to learn how to make one myself! It didn’t seem too difficult, so I tried it out. And what do you know…it was so simple to put together! All it requires is a few materials and a little bit of time, and you get a pretty decor piece for your home. This DIY yarn tapestry would look great in any room, especially a nursery or kid’s room. I went with a couple shades of gray, pink, and white yarn to match our room’s gray chevron wall.


  • Yarn
  • A dowel or stick (about twelve feet long)
  • String

grey, white and pink yarn, fisherman string, scissors


Step 1: Cut your yarn double the size of your desired length. 

piece of grey string getting cut

Step 2: Start at the middle of the stick and work outward. Fold each each piece of yarn in half and place the loop under the stick and fold over the top.

grey yarn folding over the top of the stick

Step 3: Slide the ends of the yarn through the folded loop.

Grey yarn knotting at the top of stick

Step 4: Pull down to secure the knot.

grey yarn being pulled to secure the knot

Step 5: Lay out the rest of your folded yarn pieces to plan out your desired pattern and repeat steps 2–4 until all yarn is knotted.

grey, white and pink yarn placed out on table to figure out color pattern

Step 6: Trim the ends to your desired length/design.

trimming ends of tapestry to desired length

Step 7: Take string and tie a knot on both ends of the stick to hang the tapestry.

a knot being tied on each end of stick

And that’s it, your tapestry is complete!

complete pink, grey and white yarn tapestry

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