DIY Eczema Treatment

Eczema is no fun, especially for the little ones. When my baby developed eczema, none of the over-the-counter treatments and lotions marketed for eczema seemed to do the trick in clearing it up. So I did a little research and tried making my own DIY eczema treatment. It, plus a couple other things I’ll share, worked like a charm. And it’s all natural and way more affordable than all of those other products I was buying.



(While all ingredients are over the counter/natural, as with all homemade treatments for you or your baby, be sure to check these ingredients with your pediatrician before using them on your baby.)


Step 1: Fill small mason jar with coconut oil (which is a solid at room temp). Stick it in the microwave (or heat on stovetop before putting in jar) for 10–15 seconds to liquefy (just mostly—doesn’t have to be completely liquid). Make sure you do not have the metal lid on when microwaving!


Step 2: Add 8–10 drops of lavender essential oil and 4–5 drops of melaluca essential oil.


Step 3: Stir together well. Note: I like to use a disposable stirrer because the emollient cream is hard to remove from objects.


Step 4: Pour into even smaller jars if you prefer, and let it harden. 


 Tips for Use

  1. Apply liberally anywhere baby has dry skin by scooping out with your finger, rubbing between your palms to warm and liquefy, and then rubbing all over baby.
  2. If skin is really dry or you have had a recent eczema flare-up, apply after every diaper change or frequently throughout the day.
  3. Bathe your baby daily to replenish moisture to the skin. You don’t need to cleanse daily, just let them soak in a lukewarm tub. When cleansing, use a gentle cleanser (I had no luck with Aveeno). This one is our favorite and works really great (and smells yummy too). This one is also great.
  4. When you remove baby from the bath, do not dry them off. Rub the oil directly on their wet skin.
  5. For bedtime, after you bathe and apply oil, coat them with petroleum jelly on top of that. It locks in all that moisture. I rub it in all their creases, all over their head (a place my son scratches and makes himself bleed), etc. Our doctor told me if they aren’t slippery, they aren’t coated enough.

Doing this for a couple of weeks made my son’s eczema disappear. Now I only have to do it at night and occasionally at diaper changes if I notice he is getting dry. I also only use a super gentle detergent for his clothes and no dryer sheets ever. I hope these tips will bring some relief to your little one as well.

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