DIY Falling Leaves Mobile

As fall approaches, I love to put little autumn touches around to welcome the new season! It’s still a little early for fall in California, so I’m trying to hold back but I just can’t resist. So I made this little falling leaves mobile as a nod to fall, without spending lots of time or money. It’s simple and quick, and has a beautiful visual impact with the way the “leaves” flutter and move around! I’m pretty sure you need one of these in your house, too. Just download the free printable template and get to work!


  • Falling Leaves download
  • printer and white paper or card stock
  • small stick or branch from outside (anywhere from 12-24 inches)
  • clear thread
  • needle
  • paper or fabric in fall colors
  • pencil


Step 1: Download and print the Falling Leaves template. Cut out the leaves that you wish to include in your mobile. You can use all of them or just stick with one shape—it’s up to you.


Step 2: Once your leaves are cut out of the paper, trace them onto the fabric or paper you’ll be using for your mobile.


Step 3: Cut out your fabric or paper leaves.


Step 4: Thread the needle with clear thread. At the top of your first leaf, insert the needle and thread and pull through. Tie a small knot at the back of the leaf to secure the thread.


Step 5: Tie the other end of the thread to the branch. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with each leaf until you’ve strung them all. Vary the lengths of thread so your mobile will have a little visual interest.


Step 6: Tie a length of clear thread to either end of the branch and use that to hang the mobile. Put it up somewhere lovely, and enjoy your fall!

mobile8 mobile9 mobile10

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