DIY Father’s Day Gift: Duct Tape Wallet (Made with an Old Tie!)

This Father’s Day you can use one of Dad’s old ties and some duct tape sheets to make a DIY duct tape wallet for a fun Father’s Day gift idea. These are super easy for the kids to help make. Just handle the duct tape carefully, since it can be really sticky! It’s a great way to upcycle an old tie into something new.


  • duct tape: 3 sheets or 1 roll
  • old necktie: 1


Step 1: Take apart the tie, except for the tip, and lay it out flat.


Step 2: Cut one duct tape sheet to 8 inches by about 8½ inches wide, fold the 8 inch side in half, and lay it over the tie at the widest part so the tip of the tie can fold over the top.


Step 3: Cut the tie along the bottom part of the duct tape piece you just folded over, so the tie makes up the outside of the wallet and folds over the top.


Step 4: Cut another piece of duct tape 6 inches by 8½ inches wide, and fold the 6 inch side in half. Lay this piece on top of the larger folded over piece so the bottoms line up to make a pocket in your wallet.


Step 5: Using a same color or coordinating color duct tape sheet, cut 2 side strips 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. Remove the backing and lay them along each side of the wallet  with the tie piece, the 4 inch tall and the 3 inch tall pieces of duct tape all lining up one on top of the other to form the wallet.


Step 6: Lay the strip along the edge so half of the strip will go onto the back of the wallet and the other half will be in the front.


Step 7: Make sure all the layers are lined up. Fold the strip over and remove the backing, covering the side from top to bottom.

Step 8: Cut one more strip for the bottom of the wallet 2 inches by 8½ inches. Remove the backing and place it sticky side up so half of the strip is underneath the wallet and the other half is folded over to the top lengthwise.


Step 9: Fold the tip of the tie over the front of the wallet, and you can fold the wallet in half to add it to your pocket. 


The back of the wallet should be the tie with duct tape edges. 


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