DIY Hidden Hearts

[Free Printable] DIY Hidden Hearts

I’m always looking for little ways to remind my husband what an awesome guy he is. Sometimes I feel like with our hectic daily lives, I forget to show my appreciation for him, and it just slips by the wayside. So today I have a quick and simple little hidden hearts project that will help if you need to show a little love to a special person as well! Hide these little heart messages all over the house, the car, or anywhere you can tuck them away.



Step 1: On white card stock, print out our free downloadable hidden heart templates. (Find the heart template here and the striped backing template here.)

DIY Hidden Hearts

Step 2: Cover the back of the sheet of hearts with a layer of the glue stick. Adhere the striped sheet to the back of the heart sheet.

Step 3: Carefully cut around each heart.

DIY Hidden Hearts DIY Hidden Hearts

Step 4: Write a little note on each heart.

DIY Hidden Hearts DIY Hidden Hearts

Step 5: Hide the hearts in places where your sweetheart will find them. Use washi tape to tape them up if needed!

DIY Hidden Hearts DIY Hidden Hearts DIY Hidden Hearts

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