Chalkboard Table Runner DIY

Holiday Chalkboard Tablerunner DIY Craft


  • kraft paper roll
  • chalkboard contact paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pen
  • chalk

Chalkboard Table Runner DIY - Supplies


Step 1: Roll out your length of kraft paper. I just used my dining table to measure it so I knew it would be long enough.

Chalkboard Table Runner DIY

Step 2: To make the flag like ends on the chalkboard paper, flip it over. Most contact paper has a grid system that is perfect for measuring! Use your ruler to help make the lines and cut along your lines.

Chalkboard Table Runner DIY

Step 3: Cut out the shape on both ends of the contact paper. Be careful not to overcut since it will most likely cut into your design and may cause problems when applying the chalkboard paper.

Chalkboard TableRunner DIY

Step 4: Apply the chalkboard! Very carefully start at one end by peeling and smoothing as you go. Be sure to keep the kraft paper underneath nice and straight and as flat as possible.

Chalkboard Table Runner DIY - Step 4

Step 5: Smooth over the chalkboard paper one last time and trim the ends of the kraft paper to your liking. I left mine straight, but was very tempted to make it a flag shape as well!

Chalkboard Table Runner DIY - Step 5

Step 6: Draw your design or message and enjoy!

Chalkboard Table Runner DIY - Step 6

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