21 Low-Mess Kids Crafts for Christmas

A whole mess of kids home from school for a couple weeks and a house in desperate need of a deep clean before company comes over: This is the scene at my house every December. Without fail, I’ll clean up an area while my kid simultaneously wreck another.

Rather than putting A Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat for a full two weeks,  I’m enlisting my kids to do something productive this year. Nothing gets kids in the holiday spirit better than a good holiday craft. They teach the satisfaction of making things by hand, and build memories that will last a lifetime.  Even better? Crafts that don’t leave paint splatters on the floor or a mess of impossible-to-vacuum up glitter stuck in the crevasses of your couch. I’ve rounded up a lot of my favorite kids crafts for Christmas that keep my happily entertained when they’re stuck inside.

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