Gold and Silver Bracelets

DIY: Bracelets From The Hardware Store

Yep, there is – right in the chain aisle  – lots of different types of metal chain that you can buy by the foot and make into stylish bracelets, necklaces, handbag straps… whatever you can think of.  You can find jewelery making jump rings and clasps at the crafts store or re-use parts from old jewelry you no longer wear to take the chain from utilitarian to stylish chic.

Supplies Needed:

  • Hardware store chain
  • 2 jump rings 
  • 1 clasp
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters – you can also get the hardware store to cut the chain at exactly the length you need

1.  Measure your wrist to determine the length of chain needed. If the links of the chain are long like the silver one above and will be too small/big for your wrist  – use the smaller amount of links and attach a small chain of jump rings to the clasp to create a perfect fit for your wrist. 

2.  Open jump rings with pliers – attach one to each end of chain along with each part of the clasp. 

3.  Close jump rings with pliers.

To make a double chain – cut two sections of chain the same length. If the chain is thick you will need large jump rings to accommodate and attach the chains to the clasp.

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