Garden Seed Trays for Father’s Day

Start your own family gardening tradition with these cool wooden seed trays that can be used season after season and could also work great as a Father’s Day gift idea, if you are still scratching your head over what to buy Dad this year.

If you have been looking for a physical activity that will bring your family together outdoors, starting a family garden might just be the perfect thing, especially now that summertime is here. Gardening is a great family activity and it also instills an early connection in your kids about the health benefits of growing your own tasty food and to also have them feel the personal satisfaction of bringing that “home grown food” inside to your own family’s table.

There is also something really magic about planting your own garden seeds and then watching them sprout and grow. This DIY kit includes 10 seed trays which are made from recycled old growth western red cedar and comes with a simple to use assembly fixture that will make your assembly time short. Or if you prefer, you can refer here for a short instructional video link that will also help you with assembly.





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