DIY: Trim Bracelet

It is chock-full of beautiful trims and embellished ribbons just begging to be used.  Several of these bracelets can be made in an afternoon and would be the perfect activity for a teen slumber party.  


  • Scrap felt
  • Sewing trim
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


Measure your wrist and overlap on either side 1/2″ to account for the velcro.  Cut the felt to size

Cut the width of the felt to be smaller than the width of the trim, so it will not show once glued on

Place one side of the velcro on far right side of the felt.  Use your glue gun to secure the velcro.

Flip the felt over and glue down the other part of the velcro.  Make sure your position is correct before you glue


Add a generous amount of glue to the BACK side of the trim

Lay the felt piece on top of the trim and press in place to help the glue set

Make some more and have fun!  

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